Where are we now?


Frans Bezuidenhout, the inventor of Ardau, designed it to generate electricity from fossil fuels efficiently, scalably and without emitting any greenhouse gases or other pollutants.

He built eight prototypes. The last of these was tested and certified by SGS “the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company” (www.sgs.com). A copy of the certificate is available on request. It proves that an exothermic reaction in an enclosed reactor can be used to generate heat and therefore steam. This is the major breakthrough that is the foundation of Ardau.

The prototypes he built all operated at a subcritical level (around 250C and 100 bar). He saw that if the reactor functioned at “Advanced Ultra-Supercritical” (A-USC) temperatures and pressures (700C and 300 bar) the process would be much more efficient. He worked to develop Ardau to A-USC level, but he found that a reactor that operated at such high temperatures and pressures needed special materials for its construction. It is only in the last two years that such materials have become available.

Having proved that Ardau would function as required he then started to look for investors to raise the funds needed to build the first complete system. He also trained Chi-Min Pang, an engineer, to understand the technology and to be his successor. Sadly Frans died in December 2018.

Current Situation

Since then a multi-national team has been estabished under Chi-Min to find potential investors and potential buyers. We now have three people in the UK, and one each in Germany, Hong Kong and China.

In 2019 a major UK major power station said they wish to install an initial Ardau system. They have commissioned a local university to carry out Process Simulation and Mathematical Modelling in order to:

  • confirm the Power Unit designs
  • confirm the Power Unit operational parameters

This process has been severely delayed by anti coronavirus restrictions.

In February 2021 a major German manufacturing company signed a Letter of Intent with us. The agreement is that one of their major manufacturing facilities will work with Ardau to manufacture and sell Ardau systems under Ardau direction. Implementation of this will be slow until travel restrictions between the UK and Germany are eased.

We also are in negotiation with a UK business to build two waste-to-energy systems with the ultimate goal of producing cheap ‘green’ hydrogen.

Our most urgent goal is to build the first Ardau system which we will use to demonstrate the Ardau technology to the world. To do this and set up a company to mange Ardau requires less than £4m for a subcritical system. This would take 8-9 months to build and we are ready to start.

To build the first supercritical system will cost up to £15m and take around 18 months. The longer time frame is caused primarily by the extra time needed to obtain a turbo-expander in the necessary high specification alloys.

We are now looking for investment funding and innovative businesses looking to pilot new green technologies. If you fit into either category or simply would like more information please contact Richard Wickes on +44 (0)20 7371 7001, or by e-mail as richard.wickes@ardauenergy.com.

New Website Coming Soon

We are in the process of upgrading this website. In the meantime, the information within the pages of this website is current and up to date, so feel free to browse.