Company Profile

Ardau Energy is a global technology company that designs and manufactures systems for electricity and heat generation, waste treatment and hydrogen production. These systems are scalable and flexible to provide the large-scale power generation that developed economies need and to provide remote communities in the less developed world with their own independent power supply.

To meet the growing global energy demand and to treat global wastes the world needs a different and revolutionary technology to extract energy from feed-stocks and to treat wastes. Ardau Energy provides that technology.

After more than twenty years of research and development, Ardau Energy has developed a proprietary and internationally patented technology that can provide dependable, flexible load energy 24/7/365, with high efficiency, no emissions, and low capital and operating costs.

As an innovation-driven technology business, we also conduct joint research and development work with leading universities and research institutions worldwide in order to extend the limits of clean and green energy production.

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